Multi-Conveyor introduces its new Zero Tangent™ radius belt curve technology (by Intralox®), available in belt widths from 7.87 in. to 39.37 in. It features modular belt construction for improved reliability and performance and handles tight transfers and various radius curves.

• Product bump turn conveyor: Rotates products 90° with the most simplistic of orientation methods.

• Plastic chain conveyance: Modular conveyors offer straight running or side flexing features with horizontal, incline, or decline configurations.

• Plastic belt conveyance: Products in all configurations to meet nearly every packaging need required.

• Belt product turner: This dual-lane conveyor belt turns products by simply adjusting the speeds of the side-by-side opposing conveyor belts.

• ARB (Activated Roller Belt™) conveyors are used to merge, sort, divert, transfer, or change the direction, alignment, location, and speed of an item independently without using rails or complicated mechanical devices that require guarding and controls.

• PanelView Plus touchscreen conveyor controls all sections of the conveyor from one easy-to-navigate touchscreen system.

Automatic Bundle Cutter

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